Monday, January 29, 2007

Words. (Almost). Fail. Me.

This shit-filled pimple on the ass of America wrote a pretty lengthy post on why he doesn't support the troops. I don't care about his support, honestly. I am pissed because his "logic" for not supporting us is so faulty, it pisses me off that one person could be *THAT* delusional.

Adam Ash: Adam's blogbox: why “support our troops” is a crock

An excerpt:

I’m happy to say that as a proud patriot, I don’t “support our troops.” At all. Ever. Not in the slightest. Not with a single cell in my body. Not, that is to say, in the accepted use of the term.

I believe the only way to support our troops is to keep them back home with their loved ones, where they can have a life like the rest of us. I’m happy to pay for their livelihoods via my taxes when they stay home, because I think every country needs a deterrent force. In other words, our troops are our first line of self-defense, there to discourage others from attacking us by their mere stay-at-home presence (like a never-to-be-used nuclear deterrence).

However, when our troops are used to attack others, I don’t support them at all.

He spouts off at length--try to keep from punching your monitor or kicking your dog after this. Please go there, read the whole post, (and mine and Patti's comments) LEAVE BOTH YOUR COMMENTS AND WHERE YOU CAME FROM (i.e. this blog) I want him to visit here and read this, and learn some truth. Right now, he could be standing right next to fred phelps when the pickup hits them, and I'd just laugh harder....

Hat tip to Patti for the link.


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