Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's ON!

I put this back on top, where it belongs. New posts below.

Apparently, those navy bastards are already laying the groundwork to sweep the competition. They apparently have all sort of free time while the other services ) Airfarce and Army are busy fighting and winning the nation's wars and such.

Here's the deal--first team to $60K "wins."

All money goes to service members--it doesn't really matter which team "wins" because the cash all goes into the same pot, and pays for the Voice Controlled laptops for this who no longer have the ability to use a normal machine.

Go Army! Beat everybody!

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//UPDATE// There is even an auction site available. You can browse stuff to buy, and whomever listed the item chooses which team gets the winning bid credit. So if you do find something you really want, make sure you bid on "Army Supporting" items. You can even post items you want to put up for auction! So those in the other, lesser services can get the best deals on vagisil, massengil, and monistat; Army folks can get cool stuff.

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