Sunday, October 14, 2007

A pretty good time, after all.

To sum up...

Woke up at six, looked at my itinerary, realized that I had an hour to get my guns outta the safe, shave, tighten up my loads, and get to the airport. Circus Circuses' clowns, the security guards.couldn't find the guns, I missed the shuttle, and arrived at the airport with minutes to spare, and then realized my flight leaves in 12 more hours.

So I changed my flight to an earlier one, which includes a 8 hour layover in Vega$, but ut gets me the hell out of Reno. This town doesn't agree with me.

I was given a certificate for a new pistol by the conservative UAW guy and his Lovely Mrs, we raised over $600 for Valour-IT, broke even on the tables, and ate well.

Oh, and as I went through security, I met this guy, who was nice enough to let me take a picture.

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