Wednesday, April 08, 2009

How Penn State views veteran students

Via Hot Air (Hi Ed!)

A few points of contention...

1. She should really show some cleavage, since she can't be taken seriously as a professor who is scared by a student who has shown nothing more than agressive behavior toward improving his performance.

2. Most professors would be happy their students sought them out to improve their grades.

3. Every grade has subjectivity to it--how much weight a professor puts on grammar vs. ideas illustrated is a form of subjectivity based on what the professor thinks is most important.

4. She has already stated she's afraid of him. If she had the means to defend herself from an attacker (even though she admits he's never actually harmed or threatened to harm her) she wouldn't have to worry.

5. The comment inserted in the video is the best--imagine if instead of "veteran" it was "white guy"/"Asian"/"Black Kid"/"republican"/"muslim"/"Catholic"/"Baptist"/"Jew"

6. The concept is great--how should a teacher react when a student isn't improving, and is not responding to standard methods of coaching and assistance. Why it has to be a veteran is beyond me. As we all know, when a veteran runs into a problem, we just pull out the gun we've hidden in our bible and start shooting.

7. And c'mon, in rural racist Pennsylvania, a black college dean? This isn't Washington, D.C.!


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