Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Alive Day Chuck

Today is Chuck's Alive Day. I wanted to send a thank you note to some people because if it weren't for you, my life would be missing some people who have become very important to me. (And I will forget people. What can I say, I drink.)
  • CPT Jason Spencer and Chuck's Iraqi Army soldiers who got Chuck out of the canal
  • The medics, doctors, and nurses who treated him in Iraq, Germany and Walter Reed
  • The Soldiers' Angel who was there in Germany when Chuck woke up
  • The bloggers that sounded the alarm that Chuck was wounded and spiritual warfare was needed
  • Patti & Soldiers' Angels (probably no need to elaborate this one)
  • The anonymous commenter who donated the money to get Chuck his first copy of Dragonsoft
  • Chuck's blog followers who sent cards letters and comments that kept him going
  • Dragonsoft, for having software that could do what Chuck needed (I needed it for a while too once, so thanks from me too.)
  • Everyone who has kept Project Valour IT going since its inception
To Carren, thank you for being a rock and letting me be like part of the family.

And Chuck... well, all I can say is can you send a firemen calendar next Christmas? And Happy Father's Day.

~~Code Monkey
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