Thursday, June 17, 2010

Responding to the Yonbots

I replied to the yonbots who were slamming Jimbo, get this, for his apology.  I am tired of Mike's Idiotic Sycophants Loving Everything Dumbass.  (M.I.S.L.E.D.) constantly jumping to his defense, despite logic, reasoning, and common sense.  So I wrote the following:

Yon was right about the anbar awakening. But he damn sure had ziltch to do with making it happen. It was guys like me, generals like Petraeus and McChrystal whose changes in policy, tactics, operations and strategies made it happen. Yon wrote about the result and took pictures. His participation had zero to do with it working.
Those same generals are the same ones trying to accomplish the same goals in Afghanistan, a country that has almost nothing in common with Iraq.
Our job is harder than anything yon can imagine, and he only sees efforts and end results. He isn't part of the decision making process, he isn't consulted or briefed on the plan ahead of time.
Guess what? There is no perfect solution. There is no format for success--especially when our own government refuses to define victory conditions.
Yon says he supports the troops--isn't General McChrystal a "troop?". Why doesn't he get the support of Yon? Why can't (or won't) yon explain why he "no longer trusts" the COMISAF commander, other than because they sent him packing?
What insights does yon have that are so unique about Afghanistan? CJ, Me, Greyhawk, Bouhammer, Old Blue and Jimbo write from our perspective--that of career soldiers with nearly a century of combined experience in uniform, twenty+ years blogging experience, and at least that much combat experience. We believe General McChrystal isn't the smartest guy in the room, he's often the smartest guy in the building, if not the county. Aside from that, we also recognize that Yon writes things that may, if nothing else, embolden an enemy to attack. Even if everything he mentioned in his published letter re: fob security were false, and the enemy attacked, soldiers lives would be at greater risk during the fight, wouldn't they?
If yon is so well connected with major players in AFG, why publish the letter before contacting them, allowing the opportunity to fix the problems before publishing? Who does that serve?
Why do soldiers like CJ and myself gave to fight for the benefit of the doubt, when it is so freely given to the civilan with a camera? Do I have to go to Thailand for my writing to get your seal of approval? Do I have to risk my life, and my families future, again, for my words to carry the same weight, even though I have been taught the doctrine, led troops in combat, suffered through horrible injuries and countless surgeries, learned to walk, write, and dress myself, and still continue to soldeir on and lead?
I must be a kook to keep doing this. I must have NO idea what Afghanistan is like, because I'm not a glorified tourist, taking snapshots for my facebook fanclub to ogle. Maybe it's time to take off the uniform and get out my instamatic, so I can make broad claims about the abilities of those who have spent decades defending the nation, and then be cheered on for "telling the truth" by people who claim to support the troops.
Scrape the yellow ribbon sticker off your prius, you don't support me, you support an ignoramus with as much military service as John Kerry, and less journalistic integrity than Geraldo Rivera, and as much concern for doing quality, well researched and resourced writing as Ward Churchill."

That about sums it up, except I didn't include Taco or Commander Salamander, but was typing fast, and on an Ipod.


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