Sunday, November 07, 2010

Okay, the stupid party controlls the house, and the senate supermayority is crushed... now what?

I've given this a little thought.  What should the stupid party do now, since they own the house and the senate isn't a one-party rollover any more?

Here's a list, one that will speed up our economy, create the opportunity for businesses to expand and create jobs, and oh by the way, continue to make the evil party look stupid.

Item number one on the agenda: the First bill of the house should read:  A bill to immediately cease all funding, operations, and policies effected by the Obamacare bill.  This in and of itself will relieve businesses of their fears of having to shell out ridiculous amounts of heathcare insurance payments, alleviate the fears of government managed care, and generally increase confidence of small business owners that they can afford to hire people again.
Item two:  a bill to open up the ANWR for drilling, and an immediate opening of all offshore drilling in US waters by US companies.  (reducing dependency on foreign oil, keeping US oil industry workers employed, pisses off hippies.)  Part of this bill should also direct the EPA to develop an easily affordable plan for a state of the art modern refinery, recommended locations for each, and tell them to pound sand up their asses if they don't like it, and ALL of the EPA's funding will be removed from the budget if at least three new refineries aren't approved by June 06. 
Item three: a bill to hire US construction companies to build a wall along the southern border, which includes seismic devices to detect tunneling efforts, and funding for the ICE to enforce the immigration laws of the US along borders and with the US to find and remove illegal immigrants. (In the long run, this will actually increase tax revenues while decreasing unemployment, and help stem the flow of illegal drugs and crime across the border.  If the Mexican gummint carps about it, tell them to "ir a la arena libra hasta el culo.")
Item four:  Open near space (say, between earth and the moon) to private industry development, and designate a goal of a manned mission to Mars by 2020, a US-only space station by 2015, and a Moonshot and permanent structure on the moon by 2025.  (This will drive tech companies development and venture capitalism through the roof)
Item five:  Repeal the TARP act in its entirety, de-fund anything which hasn't already been paid for.
Item six:  Sell off GM for whatever we can get for it, pay stockholders only.
Item seven:  A bill that requires all further bills to be read on the house floor in their entirety, by one person before being put to a vote.  This should limit the length of bills, as well as the idea that the house should ever vote without reading what is in a bill.
Item eight:  A bill which shall require a balanced federal budget, and which will dedicate at a minimum, 10% of the federal budget to be directed to the principal on the federal deficit.
Item nine:  a Moratorium on the levy of all new taxes, fees, or other "hidden" revenues for a period of ten years.
Item ten:  A bill limiting the President's vacation time to two weeks per year, and official travel to not more than 30 days per year, and not more than 30 persons in the "official" party (not including security and support staff.  Official travel outside the US shall be limited to 72 hours duration, must have a value added benefit to the US people, and must be approved by the congress before travel is made.  (Meaning that official international travel of the president shall not be included in the annual budget, must be requested by the president before the congress for each trip, and the expenses for each trip must be justified and approved in advanced.
Item eleven:  All official air travel by members of congress (including the speaker of the house, senate majority and minority leaders) shall be coach fare only, on whichever airline has the most advantageous ticket price.  (no more USAF executive flights.)
Item twelve:  All USAF executive aircraft shall be sold, and the proceeds used to purchase new transport aircraft for wounded servicemembers.
Item thirteen:  All departments of the federal government (except defense) shall immediately submit an to external review for cutting costs in each department programs by 20% per year for the next two years, and 30% in people (20% in executive positions).  Defense shall make cuts equaling 10% each year for the next three years, focusing on closing programs which are under-performing or not needed, reducing personnel in GS positions above GS 10, and reducing by 25% all executive level personnel.
Item fourteen:    A bill removing all riders, additions, and other means of including pork in future bills.
Item fifteen:  A bill recognizing that the department of energy was founded by President Carter to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil, and has been a complete and total failure in that regard for the last thirty years, and as such, shall be immediately de-funded and shuttered.
Item sixteen:  a bill removing the EPA's powers to effect policy with the full weight of law, and giving the EPA the requirement to report annually to the congress their recommended policies for the congress to approve.
Item seventeen:  A bill setting priorities for the congress, which places social agenda items (i.e. steroids in pro sports) dead last.
Item eighteen:  A bill to make all public-sector unions illegal, and directing the IRS to review all union expenditures, starting with ACORN and the AFL-CIO.
Item nineteen:  A bill making all states and territories of the United States "right to work" states, and which forbids collusion among unions just as employers are forbidden to collude to fix wages and prices, and which demands that unions report their expenditures to their members, including PAC donations and supported candidates.
Item twenty:  A bill which sets internal term limits in the house to no more than eight years served, NO retirement.  Since term limits have been struck down by the supremes before, this bill will  not seek to set limits, however, all representatives serving longer than 8 years shall be removed from all committees, seats, chairs, etc.

Just a thought--some of these could actually be passed.


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