Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost there....

The nice thing about putting together a fundraiser is that I have the keys to the castle, as it were.  I have control over when it ends. 

Therefore, since I didn't consider mid-month pay, I will leave the links up for people to donate to VALOUR-IT for a while longer.  I'd really like us to make our $100K goal.  We are close--so very close.  As the last hours of 14 July set on America (way out in American Samoa) we had raised a total of $82,887.

Team Totals:
USN $7881
USAF $8181
USMC $24,177
USA $31,703

Overall winner? 

The wounded.  Thanks everyone for your support.


P.S.  Like I said, the links are all still open, so feel free to donate.
Main Campaign
Army Team:
USMC Team:
Navy Team:
USAF Team:

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