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The Heroes Project

Subject: The Heroes Project



I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know about an amazing nonprofit we are helping out called The Heroes Project - a foundation dedicated to helping wounded warriors find a renewed purpose in their lives by climbing the world's highest peaks.  Tim Medvetz is taking wounded veterans up the 7 summits and then using the footage for a documentary to inspire injured vets when they first wake up in the hospital.  If you have a minute, please watch the video below…I promise it's worth it!  I was wondering if there is any way you could help get the word out since they're currently fundraising for a Kilimanjaro climb later this month and another in Indonesia this summer.  Every little bit helps.  Anyways, I'll let the video speak for itself but you can also check out some more info below.


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7 summits, 7 warriors:


Wake Up Alabama clip:



About The Heroes Project:


In 2009, Tim Wayne Medvetz started The Heroes Project, a foundation dedicated to raising funds to help wounded warriors climb the world's highest peaks and find a renewed purpose in their lives. The foundation is predicated on the idea that we can make a difference and change the lives of our wounded veterans, soldiers, and their families - one soldier, one veteran, one family at a time  ( 

The Heroes Project works with the veterans, solider and military families community on all levels. Its mission is to improve the care and protection of heroes through individual support, community empowerment and systemic change. The core work of the Heroes Project includes three initiatives:

Climbs for Heroes - Under the leadership of Tim Medvetz, the Heroes Project supports climbing programs for wounded soldiers and veterans. After a serious accident left Tim injured and in long term physical therapy, he vowed he would climb to the summit of Mt. Everest, which he ultimately did in 2007. The comeback Tim experienced in conquering that challenge transformed his life. It also inspired him to share the challenge and triumph with those who need it the most - wounded warriors - which he has done in a volunteer capacity. On August 16, Tim reached the peak of Elbrus in Europe with a wounded veteran. Tim is now planning climbs to the seven summits of the world, each with soldiers and veterans, as part of the Heroes Project. Video footage of the climbs will be used as part of advocacy and empowerment programs.

Hope for Heroes - The Heroes Project aims to encourage and expand community service programs that support our nation's heroes. The Heroes Project promotes and augments the good work of organizations working with this community across the country.

Voices for Heroes
 - Finally, The Heroes Project plans to conduct media campaigns to highlight success stories in veterans care as well as conduct education activities to decision makers and the general public about the needs and successes in caring for veterans and military families.






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