Thursday, March 02, 2017

As Promised, my twitter feed reaction post

Yesterday (1 March) I promised to write a post based on what I saw at the top of my twitter feed when I first signed on.

Hey, why not?  Here goes:

Apparently, Beau Biden's widow is dating his brother, who is still married.

My response--Good for her.

I'd hope that if I died (which honestly, given my past is either not possible or will happen any moment now) that the missus, after a brief decade or two of mourning, would find love again. I know she could never replace me, nor find anyone who could fill the void I'd left, she could at least find someone to share her remaining days with.  I'd be okay with that.

I don't know if Beau's widow will find love in the other Biden boy.  And frankly, in a world as messed up as ours, who really cares who she dates?  It's nobody's business but hers.  "News" like this isn't, it's the kind of garbage that busybodies and nosy nellies fill their day with.  Is Beau's brother cheating/separated/trans-married?  Who Gives A Flying Fig?  Redstate is devolving to tabloid garbage quick, fast, and in a hurry with shit like this.

Jesus Jumping Christ, if they are hurting that bad for Real, relevant news, commentary and opinion, with just a hint of wit, sarcasm, and dark humor, they should throw some sheckles my way and I'll gladly write for them.

THIS, THIS is part of what the "Fake News" kick is about.  This isn't news, it isn't of interest to the general public.  It's being made an interest item because news organizations are putting it on their menus.  An analogy, if you will:

You are really hungry.  You go into a fine dining establishment, expecting a substantial meal with healthy, and tasty choices.  The waiter hands you the wine list--
MD 20/20
Boones Farm Strawberry Hill
Night Train

You're really thirsty for a good wine, but finding only swill, you choose the one that you'll at least be able to keep down, knowing that most of the others taste like piss filter through a can of bad clams.

On to the main menu at this fine dining establishment...
Chicken Nuggets
Hot Dogs
Fried Butter
Gravy on Saltines

You wanted a good, aged steak.  You can't get one here.  You know that the nuggets are chicken, the hot dogs are lips and assholes, fried butter is something best left to Mama June and Gravy on Saltines might be filling, but... ew.

So, still being hungry, and with no other choices available, you opt for the nuggets, paired with a nice bbq dipping sauce that will go with the Ripple.

You pay your bill, and the staff wishes you well, complimenting your choices and appetite.

You leave the restaurant, fed, yet undernourished.  You know you will have a bad night either sitting on the throne or driving the porcelain bus.  You know that tomorrow you''' feel terrible, and though you will search out new sources of food, you will likely end up back at the big chain, forced to eat poorly prepared food that will only leave you feeling full but not truly fulfilled.

That's exactly what fake news is.  You want real news about important happenings in the world, in your government, in your life.  You get bits about how someone sat on a couch.  Who's dating who. Who did or didn't clap when the President said something.

Dear god people, don't click on these stories, it only encourages the bastards!  Follow stories of substance.  Read those stories with an eye towards what is fact and what is opinion.  If the opinions outweigh the facts, stop reading, because you are no longer being informed, you're being led.

That's fake news.  Give them garbage to eat, because there are no other options.  If there is something substantive, give it to them with a layer of opinion so thick that they will agree with our conclusions.
And holy hell am I tired of it.


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