Friday, January 13, 2006

Quick update

Hello... it's your friendly neighborhood wife of a brave soldier (for some reason the Spider Man theme song was running through my head). Yes, I am friendly, just not when people screw things up and refuse to listen!!! So far, I have not had to ruffle feathers or make waves...

Chuck is doing well. Still has the nerve block. He is trying to titrate himself off of it so he can get discharged, but I think he will be in the hospital at least one more day. Doesn't matter much anyway b/c we can't go home until his follow-up on the 23rd. BUT.... I would much rather spend the next 10 days in a hotel room than in a hospital room (this place is REALLY getting old!).

I know Chuck has a lot he wants to blog about, so prepare yourselves! Once he gets discharged I am sure he will give you plenty of reading material. I wish I had more to report, but I don't... which is actually a good thing in our situation. The kids are doing great and Alice is taking good care of them. We miss them terribly, but we know we won't be here too much longer.

Okay, enough babble from my brain. I'll update again when we have any changes... hopefully this weekend Chuck will get discharged so we can watch the Steelers BEAT the Colts on Sunday. There's a TV in the hospital room, but watching football on that TV is like watching ants run around on a picnic blanket... it's TOO SMALL!!!

I'm signing off now...

Until next time...


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