Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Breaking out teh cute for a very good reason

You know we're getting serious when we break out the cute puppy...

A few months ago, Chuck asked for help getting the lovely Mrs. Z nominated in the Military.com/CinC House 2010 Spouse of the Year contest.  All of your hard work paid off, because she's now one of ten finalists in the contest!

(If you don't remember or just want to read it again, Chuck's post about how fantastic Carren is and why she should be Military Spouse of the Year is here.)

The first phase was an essay question.  This phase is a little easier.  All you have to do is click here, register with CinCHouse.com (if you haven't already) and cast your vote.

Now you have to know I'm a bit partial in all this because I think Carren's pretty damn cool.  She welcomed me into the family immediately and has shown me nothing but kindness since we first met.  I wish I could live down the street from the Z's.  I don't know if they'd really want me babysitting so they could get a date night once in a while, but I would offer.  And I don't offer to watch other peoples' kids often.

(I'm sure all the nominees are great people as well, but none of them have had to explain USB humping dogs to their children because of some care package I sent her husband, and laughed about it later.)

You may notice when you go to the voting page that Carren was nominated by "Spouse and many friends."  I think it's a big indicator right there that so many people took the time to write a letter saying why Carren deserves to be Military Spouse of the Year.  Clicking a "vote" button is easy.  Writing an essay takes some time.  When "many" people take that time, it tells you that there's someone very special behind all those letters.

She really is a great woman, so if you could, sometime between now and Aug. 14, think about clicking over and voting for Carren.

Code Monkey

//Update:  Apparently, this comes with a $5k cash prize.  The Mrs. has informed me that, if she wins, this money will not go into my "guns and beer fund".  Instead, she plans to donate the full amount to Soldiers Angels.  Donations to SA are really low right now, so even if she doesn't win, please consider a donation to this wonderful organization.  If you are absolutely bankrupt, either convince the government that you are "too big to fail" or consider selling a kidney to donate to Soldier's Angels.   (And there are almost 1,000 soldiers waiting for adoption right now.)//

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