Saturday, August 20, 2005

famous, almost

Well it looks like I'm famous now. This is a link to an article in the Washington Post on how Soldiers Angels has helped me from the time I got to Walter Reed. Personally I don't think the writer, Neely Tucker, covered the Soldiers Angels enough and he spent a little too much time talking about me. Now, after meeting with Mr. Tucker and I would say that he is probably one of those few journalists that actually does try to get his facts straight. Mr. Tucker spent several days after the interview trying to contact my wife, just make sure the spelling of my children's names was correct. Mr. Tucker also didn't seem to start out with an agenda other than to cover the Soldiers Angels and what they've done for soldiers. So, although I've said many horrible things about journalists, he is one of the exceptions to the rule.

Mr. Tucker even taught me something: (and it's a true statement, no matter how you look at it). Basically, it goes like this: sometimes it's a great reporter having a bad day, and sometimes it's a lousy reporter having a great day. But in every occupation there people who screw it up for the rest. He believes that as a journalist, a 90% average of correct facts will get you fired; again, he's right. How many of us in our jobs would be commended if we were right 90% of the time and wrong 10% of the time? And how many of us would get slammed for that average? Mr. Neely also teaches new aspiring journalists that same fact: in everything you write, you had better get your facts straight. I guess I can die happy now. I found a journalist with integrity, and I'm not so perfect to admit that I was wrong in my axioms about all journalists. I will change that to most journalists. Just kidding. I will just call out the idiots are retards by name. Anyway, here's the link to the story.


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