Thursday, August 18, 2005

ProjectValor IT--make it happen

Okay, I admit it I've been on my ass about telling y'all about this. It's basically a project that came about from me recognizing the need that I had in the hospital: a way to communicate with my friends and family around the world and my complete inability to do that with the equipment at hand, namely a phone. So I asked these folks for laptop. And I asked y'all for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Needless to say, everyone responded in a wonderful manner. Before I could swallow a handful of pills I had a laptop on my desk and I was installing the software.

Then I wondered "why can't we do this for everybody?" After all, this country put a man on the moon (of course that was what... 40 years ago?) Well, it turns out that we can do it, and for relatively low cost. We've got a company that's willing to give us the computers at or near cost, and Dragon has given Soldiers Angels a hell of a deal on the software.

So please, please go here and donate. Don't do it for me though, do it for our wounded Soldiers, Sailors and Marines and Airmen; and do it for Dad.

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