Friday, July 28, 2006


I don't get it.

Why is everyone up in arms over Israel's attack on Lebanon? They support and harbor the Hezzbollah, which is a terrorist organization. Hezzbollah attack Israeli civilians, most often through suicide attacks against civilians, and rocket attacks against their cities.
The UN has lost some of it's observers, and evenhints that it may have been deliberate; no suprise, since MOST UN resolutions regarding Israel have been in favor of Arab/Muslim/Terrorist countries, so why should the Israelis give a rat's ass about them?
Further, Israel has been fighting for its survival against theese yahoos since its creation. Eventually, the time would come when the people would say enough of this horseshit. We've had it, lets eradicate the problem once and for all.
Personally, I think Israel should completely dismantle the dome of the rock, and use the rubble to build public toilets around Jerusalem. It is the city of peace, the city of David, the city of the Jews. They built it, and the Muslims invaded it and purposely put one on top of their temple. for more info on that.
I believe it was purely a political and racist move to subjugate the Jews.
Destroy the Dome of the rock? You bet. Will it completely incense the entire muslim world? You bet.
Will they then focus (again) on the complete destruction of Israel?
You bet (Since that's what the religeon of peace does when it isn't busy killing other infidels)

Excellent MUST Reads for all of our state department and policy makers:

From the excellent

The Truth about Islam: A former Muslim Speaks

All other religions, despite their bloody past are now only concerned with personal piety and spiritual development of their followers. Some of them also get involved in works of charity like Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, etc. But Muslims are the only group that still thinks of Jihad, and expansion of their religion through violent means.

Attacks Since September 11th

So lets look at the number of Muslim terrorist attacks since September 11th: The number is 2,647.....these include attacks where there were either deaths or large amounts of injuries. I will not list all the 2,647, but if you want to see them they are available on I will outline the major ones, remember this is only on a 4 year span. I will also not include muslim attrocities in Iraq, Israel or Afghanistan, as we usually see them on MSM (main stream media) even though many are ignored or have become not important to us anymore.

Go read it all. Now.

So tell me, exactly what's wrong with Israel attacking Lebanon and the Hezzbollah and hamas who are there?


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